Spring Time

So spring is officially here yay and I have some lovely spring sunset photos from mine and Georges walk.

Anyways sorry for the lack of blogging I have been busy with work as usual again but I will try and find time to do some blogging. I'm not sure if I have actually blogged about this yet but I have a photo from my practice fashion shoot I have been doing ready for my end of year show. So here it is.

I have come to the conclusion that the photograph just is not right and after much chatting with a number of tutors we have decided that my concept is not really recognisable. So going back to the drawing board I realised in this photo in particuar the rubble and also the abonded house (not featured). With this idea of derelict places with a very traditional english tea and also this vintage feel I have realised the photograph portrays the phrase 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

Which I will be researching further in depth and seeing how this links to modern day with the financial crisis in Britain. I am so glad I have it officially finalized and I am going to try and get another photoshoot done next week before thursday hopefully.

In other news I finally made a sale in my shop. The last item to be sold was back in December. Hopefully my buyer will like her vintage style fabric flower along with her little freebie I promised everyone. The sale is still happening in my shop so please go and visit. I have been working on some new items which I will probably put up during the holidays.

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