Nail Art and More spring photos

I am just loving this weather we are currently having at the moment in the UK so warm! I didn't even have to take a jacket out with me today. Because it was so sunny I have some more spring time photos mainly of flowers in my student accomadations back garden.

I haven't painted my nails for a while since one of my nails broke half way down talk about painful. But now it is slowly growing back I have gone back to my usual wearing of nail polish I feel like me again I missed not wearing it. Looking through pinterest I came across a lot of nail art designs and one in particular really stood out for me maybe it is just because of the colour or the bows but I decided to recreate the look.

All 3 nail polishs on by Barry M I have way to many nail polishs by them. Maybe I should do a post on them next we will seen. I have gotten back into doing my crochet and I plan on trying to make a blanket for my room back at home but we will see how this goes as I never seem to finish a big project. Hope everyones enjoying this lovely sunshine and I hope it carries on for the rest of the week as I have some photoshoots planned.

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