Weekend Plans 24th-25th

My weekend is jammed pack full of crafting for the fun of it to reading some books for university. I will probably be crafting more however. The craftyness I will be getting up to this weekend is make a new circle skirt. This was just a spur of the moment thing so I went out and brought some bright summery fabric can I just quickly say yay for this hot weather!

Other craftyness I will be getting up to is crocheting a blanket for my room back at my parents house. This will probably take me a year to make but we shall see. Book wise they are just boring books like self-publishing books and exhibiting photographic work however there will be one book I will be enjoying this weekend which is the Tim Walker Pictures Book. It is all in the name of Uni work of course.

I have gotten this out before at my uni library and I forgot how massive and bulky the thing is but I do love Tim Walkers fashion work. Probably over the holidays when I have more cash especially cause its my 21st in April eep! I will be buying this book especially as it is only £40 on Amazon. Bargin!

I better start crafting this skirt I decided to do today fingers crossed it will come out and look all right.

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