Summer skirt and goodies

Firstly I'd like to start with the new blogger system basically I am not liking I'd rather it be just like ti was before. Okay now on to the post.

I finished my skirt I planned to make that saturday and within two hours and I just love it. I fell out with the waistband a bit but I redid. However I have decided I am not a big fan of sewing in Zips they are a pain no matter how pretty they are Anyways me and George went for a little sit down by hereford lake and he took some lovely pictures of me and my skirt.

I have had so many comments on it and is definitely going to be an item that has a lot of wear from it. I felt in a rock n roll mood yesterday so was listening to a lot of the Furious a band from Liverpool, UK. You should check them out.

I'm just loving this weather and I hope it will be like this on my birthday which is in 3 weeks time in which I will be 21. I can't wait for that day. Today I received a little parcel from my mum containing some yummy american candy and a benefit make-up catalogue which I will try at some point today or tomorrow at uni. My mother knows me so well.

I'm not going to stay stuck in the house so I am going to have a nice sit outside while drinking some lemonade and a book.

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Mrs Jones said...

I love your skirt - it looks fab.