Formative Uni Crit and photos

Well today has been such an interesting day! I had a formative crit with all my year group this afternoon and instead of doing the lecture in a lecture theatre we ended up going to the local pub and sitting outside on the beer garden! We had to show the work we have currently been doing so far for are last project so here is the shoot from yesterday and some of the final images.

I did these photographs on wednesday and boy did I get burned by the sun. However I now have remarkably brown shoulders.My project idea has developed so much these past couple of weeks. I have been looking at the Keep Calm and Carry On poster and how this links to now with the british recesion. The idea has then developed further and I have started looking at old wartime vintage posters and seeing how I could recreate them into a fashion shoot with a tea party.

Dig for victory- Photographing on an Allotment

Make do and mend- Look for an old clothing factory (plenty back at home)

britain shall not burn- A fire station

I can't wait to see what the final outcome will look like. Sorry this post has mostly been about uni but it has been such a good day today.

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Amy Upton said...

I love the photos! Beautiful dress, and bunting. xx