Easter Holidays

So I am finally back home for three weeks for the easter holidays. I love being back home and meeting up with my old friends spending time with my family plus during the easter holidays it is usually my birthday and this year is a special year, Its my 21st! It feels a bit scary but I am looking forward it. Even though all this will be happening during the holidays I still have to do uni work sadly which is just lame but to be fair the weather hasn't been great these past couple of days so it does make me want to do the work.

I haven't been doing any photography just working on P9 a folder just full of useless info which will probably be useful in a couple of years or even after uni. But the book is interesting I have been reading. I kind of have a rough idea what I plan to do after uni but I want to try and talk to my tutors about this and try and get some advice on how I go about getting into the areas I want to work in. Anyway enough about my future plans, it is a little to scary to think about at the moment. I have been working on my blanket for my bedroom here back in Nottingham. Because my room has a spring feel I though it would be interesting for me to make a blanket/throw to cover my bed. I am just loving these colours at the moment.

Going back to uni work I have also made some british themed style bunting in obviously the red, white and blue colours. Let me know what you think I have quite a few to make for my photoshoots.

Shame the weather has been miserable these past couple of days what happened to the lovely sunshine last week?

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