Little Adventure out

Because it was just constantly snowing and raining yesterday me and my mum didn't have a day out in Nottingham. However my dad took is down to Meadowhall in Sheffield for some sushi from Yo!Sushi and a little bit of looking around the shops. In which I brought my dress for graduation. I haven't really been thinking about my graduation dress that much I have been looking at sites such as Vivien of Holloway however when I walked past Oasis and this dress just screamed buy me!

There were a variety of different styles and patterns of dresses from Oasis at £85 from the limited edition range called floral frocks inspired by the dresses of the 50s. I tried the blue dress and a lovely green one but I chose the blue. It is such a lovely weighty material with an underskirt and a small amount of netting with a V shaped back, definetly worth the £85 my dad paid. I am paying him back though. I think they went skimpy on the belt however because it just looks cheap and nasty so this will be getting replaced with a better pink colour to match some shoes I saw in Schuh.

I love them! To say I have been looking at Irregular Choice shoes I never thought of Hush Puppies. They will be so comfortable on my feet nevermind that the pattern is adorable and I think they will go with my dress. If not I have seen some other ones that I enjoy and can wear daily.

I thought for the Graduation party of getting a petticoat to go underneath to give it a little more puff and maybe a pastel blue cardigan or yellow. I want to wear the dress now but I have to wait till July. Apart from buying dresses my mum treated us to some ice-creams from a shop called The Marble Slab. There was so many yummy flavours I ended up with strawberry and Candyfloss with strawberries placed in the middle (they seperate it out on a cold block and mix the ice-creams together)
If I go back I am definetly going to try the Birthday Cake Flavour! Even though yesterday was a bad day it ended up being a great day. Brought my dress for Graduation, ate at Yo!Sushi and had some yummy ice-cream.

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Mrs Jones said...

I love that dress. You look great in it, but I agree that the belt needs to be changed.