Happy Easter everyone or as my mum likes to call it Happy Springtime as my family arn't religious. I have made a couple of cards for easter so here they are. The first one I did for my Nan and my parents and I will be entering this card into the Octopode Factory Challenge.

The other card was something a quickly whipped up for my grandma and grandpa while I was back at home with my mums crafty supplies.

For easter I haven't had many easter eggs this year I have gained some lovely chocolate from my parents along with some money and a Disney Princess Mug and from my Nan a lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny! YUM! I love chocolate but always have way to many eggs usually.

At the moment I am down London as it is tradition for me and my mum to Camden on Easter Sunday. While down there I hope to buy a petticoat net skirt to go with some of my 50s style dresses and skirts and I will be also looking for a new pair of shoes but I will update everyone on what I brought on Monday.

Hope everyone has a lovely Springtime/ Easter and hope the easter bunny has brought you lots of yummy chocolate eggs.

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LilyPinkScraps said...

Great cards!! Especially love the background for Marigold :)