Camden Town Easter

For the past 6-7 years me and my Mum have been going to Camden every easter sunday to buy some lovely clothes or try the awesome food. It was a little bit drizzily at first but that didn't last long and it didn't ruin mine and my mums lovely day even though most of it was spent eating food!

When we visit Camden we usually have an African Curry at has been this way ever since we started going. However it all changed this year as there was no African Curry Stall! So what do we do find somewere similar that we can get a curry.

I had spinach and potato curry with rice and my mum had a mixed vegetable one I think with rice to. Even though we will miss our traditional curry down Camden it does give us a chance to try out some more new exciting food as there are so many stalls down there. Other food we had was a churro filled with chocolate some bubble tea and also some dry iced ice cream which has a lovely smooth texture and guess what the flavour was earl grey tea with hot cross bun! It was so strange as the tea came first then the hot cross bun afterwards.

I definetly can't wait to see what the specials will be in the Summer. We also visited an American Candy store were I got some more yummy tootsie pops and a small wonka toffee apple bar. I am in love with american candy at the moment.

Apart from eating our way through Camden I did buy a few items of clothing while I was down there. I got my main item which was a netted petticoat to go under my 50s style dresses and skirts and only cost me £19.50

From the same store (called Collectif) I also picked up this lovely top in the sale for £10. It is a size 14 but I couldn't resist and it fits find. I usually wear dresses a lot so buying a top will make me wear my skirts more. I am looking to buy a pair of peddle pushers next but can't seem to find the right pair.

I didn't buy this skirt but one of my Nans lovely friends is a dress maker and offered to make me a skirt.

I love it and I will constantly be wearing it during the spring/summer.
What did everyone else get up to over the Easter Holidays.

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The Cookie Button said...

Yay! I am a huge fan of Camden and seeing these photos really is bringing back lots of lovely memories :) xox