Nottingham and a pair of trousers

I have been bad on the blogging front this week *slaps hand* I have been forgetting. Sorry guys!

Anyways I took a trip to Nottingham on Monday with mother in which we did a little bit of shopping that consisted in me buying a pair of trousers! Yep you heard it hear first a girl that has been wearing dresses for the past two years has finally brought a pair of trousers. And at such a good price as well! Not only was they in the sale at £15 from Dorthey Perkins with 20% student discount they only cost me £12! Definetly a bargin and I have been constantly wearing them since I brought them.

Top: Collectif £10
Trousers: Dorthey Perkins £12
Vans: Schuh £25

I am in love with them and I hope to buy another pair within the next month. They would be perfect for the summer weather or even when it is a little bit windy and not good enough weather for a dress. While we was in Nottingham we stopped in one of our favourite places to eat, Yo!Sushi! YUM!

We thought we would try something different for dessert this time but nope we didn't like it so back to the usual chocolate desert. I also managed to pick up a very interesting magazine that has some lovely photography and art work in it.

It isn't for everyone but for £4 it wasn't a bad price and it is such a good quality.

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