Happy 21st Birthday to me! (yesterday)

Happy 21st Birthday to myself yesterday. I would have blogged but we got back really late as I went to Leeds for a change. I got quite a few lovely things for my birthday which included a lovely typewriter *squeal!* and a few other things from my parents and some benefit makeup a necklace and a few other little items from my boyfriend.

I did get quite a bit of money as well that has gone on some very useful items such as a new lens for my camera plus a whole new outfit and an adorable bike bell. I still have a little bit of money left mind you so will be buying a new tripod and what ever else I think could be useful.

We decided to have lunch at Jamies Italian which I absolutely loved and here is what i had in pictures.

The brownie has to be one of the best brownies I have ever tasted. YUM! I could eat another. We then went to harvy Nicoles were we had some cocktails well me and my mum did the guys had beers. I had a raspberry one which was a little strong but I did eventually start liking it.
On the way back to the car we past a vintage shop in which we saw a lovely 50s grey and red coat for only £75 but sadly it was a little too small but I did get a lovely little tea cup and saucer (I am a sucker for that) and I also brought myself some very 50s styled sunglasses which I shall be modeling the future.

And it didn't stop there when we came back home had a lovely purple toned birthday cake made by mum. She said she wasn't sure about it but I loved it.

I had such a lovely day yesterday and thank my parents and boyfriend for making it that little bit extra special. I will be posting up a picture tomorrow of the little set-up my mum did on the table for when I came down the stairs.

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tamarajayne said...

Happy 21st Birthday wishes! xx