Tiring Week

Last week was such a tiring week! I have been busy doing quite a few things from tuesday-thursday I was looking after to my nan who had surgery while I was there I made 20 christmas cards for her craft fair as well. Apart from visiting London I have also been commisioned to make 10 christmas cards for my Aunt as well so have been trying to come up with ideas for them.

On Friday I got asked by Lizzie May Vintage to photograph a Fashion Show event for them frontstage and backstage and I am overall happy with the result apart from a few hiccups like batteries dying in my external flash gun even though I brought extras with me and then being under pressure front stage were I could just not get the settings right on my camera! Ahhhhh!

O well it is all over now and I had such an awesome time and can't wait for my opportunities like that. Hopefully the owners of Lizzie May Vintage and the owners will enjoy the photographs as well. Here is just a couple from the event as you may have noticed I like my black and white photographs.

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It would be great to see what everyone thinks good and bad comments are appreciated

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