Parcels for me

So on saturday I finally had day off from work which consisted of me christmas shopping for Georges Family and my own particularly as it was payday the day before. So much money has been spent so far. It is lucky I had Saturday off because we had quite a few parcels arrive all just for me!

The first parcel was a christmas cd I had been expecting for quite sometime. The album is called the coolest yule and it is such a good album with some very catchy songs.

The second parcel was from my mum and dad which was very sweet of them. In which I got another christmas album called the christmas hits from the 50s which is another good christmas album I recommend along with a couple of chocolates and an advent card.

The third parcel was from some shopping I did at the www.dotcomgiftshop.com which is a really cool website with some very quirky cute items. I most;y brought things for pressies but I also brought for myself a very big christmas bag and some christmas decorations for mine and Georges tree which is lacking a colour theme at the moment. But I am sure I will think of something.

And.... it is not long till christmas now 22days!

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