Salt Dough and perfect bows

The other day I though I would take my hand at making salt dough ornaments along with my friend Mel. As far as I know I think there okay so here is just a couple of photos of pre ornaments.

I have yet to decorate the ornaments but I do have plans for them. Some are going to go on Christmas presents as little tags and some on the christmas tree which is slowly getting put together bit by bit. But hopefully will be done by sunday so there will be a lovely photo of it on the Monday.  

Apart from making a complete mess with paint, pens and salt dough I have also been wrapping christmas presents and I love being creative with the wrapping. But, I was so please with the bow on this present it is just perfect and just thought I must share this on my blog.

The tag I made myself with just a stamp and a white gel pen. Very simple and quick to do.

Not long until christmas now! I am so excited!

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