London 26th-28th

I completely forgot to talk about when I went to London to visit the Tim Walker exhibition!  And what an exhibition it was it even inspired me to get my camera back out and start photographing again so I have been trying to come up with ideas for some new shoots. Anyway the exhibition was just so amazing, it was great to see all his prints (mostly printed on Silver Gel) which just looked stunning and probably cost a bit. It was also great to see all the props he uses like the giant plane and the very creepy giant doll. Sadly I couldn't take any pictures so these are just images from newspapers and that.

One thing that I felt didn't go with the exhibition was a picture of Kate Moss it just looked a bit strange in amongst all the other photographs. I will probably be looking into buying the book for myself at some point soon.

Not only did we go down London but we decided to take a trip on the London eye at night and saw some lovely views. I haven't been on the London in ages so it was lovely to see London from a birds eye view.

We also took a trip down Camden and walked around covent garden and obviously visited my nan.

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!

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