Making bread

I made my first loaf of bread for the first time the other day and with all the help from my kitchen aid so it saved me a lot of kneading the dough.

Here it is before it risen wrapped in my lovely cath Kidston tea towel I got for christmas from my parents. I just love this chicken pattern very country cottage chic.

Popped the loaf in the oven and out came my small bread loaf. And it was so yummy and tasty. I hope to make more bread and bread rolls in the future and will be blogging my progress of bread making. I'm also hoping to try other types of bread such as focaccia, brioche and maybe soda bread. Fingers crossed it will all go well and will actually happen.

Also happy belated anniversary to my parents who have now been married 23 years!
Hope they enjoy there card

I used jack and sally from The Octopode Factory along with using my favourite Tim Holtz item distress stains and inks.

I'm heading off to work soon it is all I seem to do and I struggle to find time to blog now. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

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