Hay does Vintage

Right it is my  vow that I will try and blog more often. It might sound lazy but when I get home from work at 6 I just want to crash on the sofa but I am trying a new me. I am for one going to blog a bit more and I am also going to be trying to loose a bit of weight as well so lets see how this goes.

Photos courtesy of the Boyfriend

At the weekend I did an event called Hay does Vintage which I have been looking forward to for the last couple of months and have been trying to prepare and make my studio more on what it is suppose to be; a vintage style. I was placed in the perfect area with the studio which was the pamper area were vintage lovers could get there hair, makeup and nails done followed by a photo shoot at the end of it all! Here is my whole set up for the days events.

Even though it was really busy around the marquee not many people knew were the Pamper Areas location was within Hay so I must admit I didn't get much business but all the same it was just a great event to be apart of and I hope to be more apart of in the future.

Even though I said to myself I wouldn't buy anything as it had only just been pay day on the Friday I ended up buying a Picnic Basket that Lizzie May Vintage had kindly put aside for me to buy on the day. However this item had been planned a month in advance to buy anyway.

The lovely blue 6 persons picnic basket cost only £25! A few of the items need a bit of clean but otherwise I just fell in love with it! I can remove a lot of the stuff so it can have room for a picnic blanket so  that me and George can go on more picnics. But then all the extras a good if we ever want to go picnincing with friends it is something I hope for us both to do in the Summer. That is if the weather warms up soon.

I will be back blogging on Friday for The Octopode Factory's Friday Challenge and you are all going to love what I have made for the inspiration!

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